Nektarina non profit association supports empowerment of women through education, artistic expression and work. Our projects and campaigns help raise awareness, connect women and inspire them to interact.
CONNECT THROUGH ART is our ongoing campaign, where we present artwork from "everyday women" living in everyday world. These artworks are their free expressions and impressions, and we thank them all for sharing it with us. Enjoy!

Saturday, January 16, 2010


by Nektarina Team  / 

It sure is a cold winter! But don't let the cold weather, snow and rain discourage you - this winter we are connecting through art! We'll be presenting some true artists, some unique arts and crafts, but also all those creative hobbies that bring in the color into our lives!

Join in! Send us the photos of your arts, crafts, designs, collages... Recommend a friend, or just comment and interact - because we are truly wonderful, just as our campaign name says :).

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