Nektarina non profit association supports empowerment of women through education, artistic expression and work. Our projects and campaigns help raise awareness, connect women and inspire them to interact.
CONNECT THROUGH ART is our ongoing campaign, where we present artwork from "everyday women" living in everyday world. These artworks are their free expressions and impressions, and we thank them all for sharing it with us. Enjoy!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

CONNECT THROUGH ART / Dusanka Duda Zaric

As we share with you this beautiful art from Dusanka Duda Zaric, we continue to support women in expressing themselves through art, connecting through color, stories, compositions and layouts, sharing with us their worlds, their thoughts and visions. Enjoy!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

DUSANKA / Connect Through Art

by Bettina Lechner /  We are so very proud that we can present these wonderful works here in Nektarina (S)pace web magazine : they were sent to us by Ms Nela Mirovic, from Zemun, Serbia. Nela's mother, Dusanka, who is 62 years old, found a new inspiration and started painting about a year ago. So far she has over 100 paintings done, and she has a great support from her children, but also her dog!

Enjoy her work, we'll try to add some more of her paintings soon. Once again women prove that the inspiration, the energy and the creativity do not have to do anything with age, but with the state of mind and our own life philosophy!





Sunday, January 17, 2010

SNEZANA / Connect Through Art


by Bettina Lechner  /

Snezana comes from Zemun, Serbia, and she shared these wonderful photos of her crafts with us. By reusing and recycling her pieces are being given a new dimension - that of eco-friendly, or eco-acceptable.
She creates these interesting arrangements for family and friends, but also for an occasional client! Take a look at some of them, they might inspire you to try something similar!



MIRJANA / Connect Through Art

by Mirjana Cesar  /

My artwork is a fusion between acrylic painting and fiber collage with emphases on incorporating natural and recycled materials. It's constantly evolving with extensive use of old artisan techniques in a process of achieving original, one of a kind pieces. I incorporate weaving and embroidery in my mixed media.

I work with burlap (rather than canvas) because of its organic roughness and its receptivity to specific techniques I'm utilizing. Acrylic paints, fabric cutouts, various yarns, threads and wood beads allow me to achieve a dimensional, primitive but contemporary theme I'm looking for.

I make my wearable art jewelry exploring a free form peyote technique that intrigues me and gives me a unique approach with endless possibilities. Like with my artwork I use a variety of materials, any kind of beads, precious stones, mosaic tiles, fiber, yarns, basically anything I can find interesting and combine it into my designs.

I'm greatly influenced by nature, with it's inexhaustible beauty that surrounds us.  My inspiration comes from the plants and flowers of my current environment, as well  as vivid memories of my naturally diverse homeland, rich Croatian folk heritage and seeds of creativity that my artisan grandparents planted in my soul.

Beauty lies all around us. We forget to look at the simple, small things, like fern buds unfurling, unfolding  just like life itself. We should walk the fields of flowers instead of concrete sidewalks.  



You can find more of Mirjana Cesar's works HERE 

Saturday, January 16, 2010

IN THE KITCHEN / Connect Through Art

by Bettina Lechner  / 

And here we have the very first slides sent for My Beautiful Life sharing contest! They are published in original form, so don't you mind the typos and misspelling...just enjoy the photos and do try out that recipe!

And yes, do share your photos and videos with us! Show us the snapshots of your beautiful life!

Send your photos, videos, presentations, drawings etc to, together with your details, and we'll publish it here!

This great stuff was send to us by Snezana Antonovic (Zemun Serbia) and Dusanka Duda Zaric (Malta).




by Nektarina Team  / 

It sure is a cold winter! But don't let the cold weather, snow and rain discourage you - this winter we are connecting through art! We'll be presenting some true artists, some unique arts and crafts, but also all those creative hobbies that bring in the color into our lives!

Join in! Send us the photos of your arts, crafts, designs, collages... Recommend a friend, or just comment and interact - because we are truly wonderful, just as our campaign name says :).